Analogical and digital: perspectives on paleography and handwritten culture nowadays

Date and place of celebration: October 24-25, 2019. Room 14.0.11 (Buero Vallejo), Carlos III University of Madrid


Getafe Campus UC3M


Dr. Diego Navarro Bonilla (Dept. of Library and Information Science, UC3M)

Dr. Eduardo Juárez Valero (Dept. of Library and Information Science, UC3M)

Objectives and purpose: The essential objectives of this seminar are:

1. To have a general overview of the research promoted by the digital humanities with manuscripts.

2. Connect digital paleography with students interested in developing their professional path around writing and manuscripts within digital humanities projects.

3. Reinforce the line of training and research in paleographic analysis within the competencies of future archival professionals and special collections.

4. Update the scientific-practical landscape of the analysis of writing systems and their technological applications in the study of historical documentary heritage.

5. Bring digital calligraphy closer as a field of specialization, research and practical development.

6. Disseminate the effort in these fields by the students graduated from UC3M through their final degree projects, master’s degree and doctoral theses.

7. Promote new doctoral theses in the field